Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Just what the "Doctor" ordered.

I have been complaining a lot lately about my allergies. They flair up every year at this time and to tell the truth mine are worse than anyone I know. So that makes me complain even though I am normally not a complainer. And since complaining is against my nature, the fact that I am complaining puts me on edge and I tend to be a bit snappy with people. And since I am normally not snappy with people, that makes me even more upset and the whole thing snowballs out of control.

So I asked God for some relief so that I could quit feeling bad, complaining and being snappy. Yes I pray for relief every year at this time. And He answered my prayers, just not in the manner that I expected. That happens with me a lot. And I think it happens to others as well but some people just don’t see it because they are looking for a specific result. God doesn’t always work that way. In my case, I prayed for some relief from these nagging allergies and that is what I got. No I am not cured. My eyes are still red and itchy and my nose is raw from sneezing and blowing it. My throat is scratchy and I am very tired from taking the allergy medication. So how did God answer my prayers you might ask?


Monday night, even though I wasn’t feeling up to it, I was compelled to go to my yoga class. For some reason I just felt like I should go. Now some people think that Yoga is anti-Christian but I am here to tell you that it is not. In the studio where I go, there are quotes from Buddha, Gandhi, the Dahlia Lama and Jesus. They all speak about peace and love. Last night while I was waiting for my class to start I was reading a wall hanging with a verse from 1 Corinthians about the meaning of love. You know the passage: Love is patient, love is kind…. Anyway,I was one of the first people to arrive, so I had my choice of spots. Naturally I took my regular spot. Habits are hard to break.

People began filing in and soon the room was almost full. A woman that I have never met set up beside me but after we introduced ourselves she decided to move down by her friend. I made the comment: “was it something I said Nancy?” and we both laughed. That left the position beside me open. Just before the class started another woman that I have never met before came in. She was a tall woman, dressed in black and bald. Well she was almost bald and only had little tufts of hair on her head. Our instructor approached her and asked how she was doing and she answered; “as well as can be expected (pause) I guess” I realized that this woman most likely had been going through Chemo which is why her hair was gone. She took the spot right beside me.

As we went through our poses, I was forced to look in the direction of this woman over and over again. I could tell that she was having difficulty holding some of the poses and she had to pause from time to time to catch her breath. But she stuck with it and completed the class without complaining. It made me realize just how lucky I am to only be suffering from allergies (and a few minor aches and pains). I believe that God was sending me a message to stop complaining. I got the message. Thank you God.

So this week, I am Thankful that God is my Doctor and that He keeps "seeing" me even though like my other doctor, I don't always make regular appointments.

God is the Greatest Doctor

Have a great day,


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