Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Still Green

Well it’s been a good month for me to say the least. Things finally seem to be going well. I got the car fixed and painted. I got the truck painted and got a new bedliner for it. I got the pool set up and the pool filter working. (I had trouble because someone switched the hoses when they set up the filter…someone like me) My plants are all looking great and I have veggies growing in the garden. Right now I have lettuce that is ready and some tomatoes that are almost ready. I have little tiny peppers on the plants but it will be a while before they are ready. All is well in my little world and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I finished two books this week; “The yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, and “Green Like God”. Both were good books but the first required more thought and will require further study. The Yoga Sutras, not to be confused with the coma sutra’s is basically a guide book for Yogi’s and it outlines how you should live your life if you truly want to be happy. In a nutshell, it says to do everything for the good of others and to live for the moment and be content with what you have. You could paraphrase it as do unto others and Don’t covet what your neighbor has. I believe I read that somewhere else. (The Bible)

The second book was more basic and it was about taking care of our planet because it is a gift from God. I actually started reading it once before but I didn’t finish it. I was already on board with this idea so it came as no big surprise to me. It outlined various passages where God told us to take care of the planet like in Genesis 2:15. It amazes me that there are some “religious” people out there that say that we should just use up the resources that we have and let the planet go to waste because there is no saving it. To these people I say, hey you can’t take your money with you so why not give it all to me since there is no saving it. J

So this week, I am thankful for a lot of little things like projects that are out of the way, my Green thumb and the fact that my youngest has a 98 in Spanish class. 98? That is big. When I was his age, my biggest fear was that I would get picked last when we chose teams for sports. Most kids wanted to be on a certain team or to be picked first but I just didn’t want to be picked last. Usually I didn’t get my wish though and when all other choices were gone, the remaining captain would finally say; come on Greg, you are on our team. Oh well I guess I still have a lot of scars but they are slowing fading. And I did learn to survive alone so I can fix or do just about anything I put my mind to.

Have a great day,



Wanda said...

So glad to see you back and doing so well.

Funny how Yoga, and other types of religion quote things directly from the Bible.... It is the book for living and practice.

Wish I was making a salad from your lettuce.

Our back yard is really green, but not with veggies.

So glad to hear from you!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

You have been busy!!! Good to see your TT posts back my friend. I need to get back in the swing of things and join you!

Layley xx said...

Please Check out my blog...
Thanks, i follow you :)

rakibrdpbd said...

In any case, I am thankful for my sons, Michael and Max, who couldn't make me more proud. Both fine young men, and truly the lights of my life. Here they are, the men in black, this past Christmas morning. Every Christmas since they were able to walk, I've gotten a photo of them waiting to come down to open presents. Nowadays we have to wait for them to wake up, but when they were young, we used to have to tell them they couldn't wake us until 8 AM. Then they'd have to wait at the top of the stairs for us to scramble around, getting the cameras ready, turning the lights on the tree on, etc. Parenthood, the most challenging and rewarding of life's experiences.

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