Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the road again.

Yes it’s true. I am back and as they say badder than ever. Or should that be gooder than ever? I am not sure which one is more correct. I never was one that cared for English. It was too gray for me. I preferred math and science because those subjects were black and white. English has degrees of correctness and is subject to interpretation. For instance on those college exams where they said; Which sentence is more correct? “More correct?” Excuse me….they should either be right or wrong. Or is that write or wrong? Whatever. Anywhoo, after a long time away I am back to blogging again. According to the Mayans, the word will run out of time on 12/12/12. So instead of 27 shopping days until Christmas, shouldn’t it be 15? I doubt if there will be stores in heaven so those of you who are waiting may want to get on the ball and literally shop till you drop or should I say all drop. But seriously, here is my take on this whole Mayan end of the world theory. If they were so smart why aren’t they still here? I think they just ran out of 1’s and 2’s like the gas stations did when the prices went over 1 dollar and 2 dollars. Apparently we are on our way towards somewhere called the fiscal cliffs. As I stated before, I really don’t know where they are and going to Google maps was no help at all. Judging from what I have heard, if we fall off these cliffs it will be devastating so I am guessing that they must be in the Rockies somewhere. The eastern mountains are much more gradually sloped. Apparently we are all heading toward these cliffs and we are all going to fall off like a bunch of lemmings if we continue on this path. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am going to make sure and buckle up just in case. The president says that we need to tell our senators and congressmen to steer clear of these cliffs. I have a better idea. What say we have all politicians jump first to make sure it is safe and then the rest of us can follow if we feel like it. Have a great day, Greg


Heart2Heart said...


So glad you are back to blogging. However it's the perceived end of the world, 12/21/12? I personally don't think it will happen but in the event it does, my kids still want me to plan on getting gifts for them. Go figure!! I think they want to be reassured just in case we are still around on 12/22/12 in which case someone else will come out of their hole with a new end of the world date!

Missed your writing and in fact you have inspired me to pick my blog writing back up again just in case people want to read the ramblings of an older person!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Carmen said...

Lol...welcome back Greg!

skoots1mom said...

have missed your posts...glad to have you back in the blogger world!