Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday, I won I won

Well I was hoping to continue with "I won the lottery" but that didn't happen. I am still thankful though for so many things and to tell the truth I am not sure I could handle that much money. It just might change me and I am pretty happy with who I am right now. Today I am thankful for my attitude. Over the past few months and every day at work, I see people with bad attitudes. For some reason they feel the need to be negative about everything in their lives. Nothing is ever good enough for them. Most likely these are some of the ones that only play the lottery when it is over 500 million because 20 million just isn't enough for them. And if the truth were known they would most likely not be satisfied with the 500 million if they did win. Hey if I find 20 dollars on the street you will be able to see me smiling from miles away. So why are all these people so down? I really think it all comes down to choice. If I look back at my life's events, I could find a reason to hate or be unhappy about lots of things. I have had some pretty bad things happen to me and I could have easily turned those things into reasons to be unhappy. But I decided instead to look at those events as learning events and instead of pouting about them I analyzed them and found a way to better myself or change to avoid the same situation. Life is all about choices and we can't blame them on others. We must take responsibility for our actions and go on with our life. And I chose to go though life happy. Have a great day, Greg

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Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Having many family members who daily practice pessimisim and negativity I can definaly state that it is very hard to be around all those debbie downers. I totally agree with your attitude of gratitude. If you make a decision to be happy....scripture tells us to be thankful "in" all circumstance not for all things. When unpleasant things happen we all have a choice how we respond to the situation!