Friday, December 7, 2012

FYI, I am watching you back.

That's right stalkers, you may be watching me but I am watching you back. I have the ability to see who is visiting or at least where you are from. I can figure out who you are if you are a blog friend just by your location. So why not leave a comment or if you aren't a blogger, send me an email. I love hearing from you, why you visited and what you thought. If you are new to my blog, I took about a year vacation from blogging but I am back now and will try to post at least every couple of days. So please say hi here or at my email. You can reach me at I would love to hear from you. And come back later today, I have an interesting (and funny) story to tell.

Have a great day,

1 comment:

Andy Stevens said...

aww shucks, I thought I was invisible. lol