Saturday, December 8, 2012

It just isn't funny.

I started to write about this a short while ago but I never finished it. However now seems like a good time to make this post. There is a local radio station here in Charleston that regularly makes prank phone calls. It is intended for entertainment purposes but to me, it just isn’t funny.
This is setting a bad example for our children, telling them not only is it ok to make prank phone calls but that it is ok to pick on someone as long as it’s in the name of entertainment. It really reminds me of all the times that I was picked on as a child and others would stand by laughing at my humiliation.   I was a bit chubby as a child and quite naive. I would do anything if asked and I trusted everyone.
As I became a teenager I began not trusting people and even grew to hate some mean people. I carried that hatred and non-trusting into my adulthood and it really changed my life. I was afraid to talk or perform in front of others so I shied away from singing, acting and even public speaking. Whenever I was asked to talk to a group of people, my mouth would get dry, my face would turn red and I would have an upset stomach thinking that someone in the audience might laugh at me. It’s a shame too because at one time I enjoyed acting, singing and public speaking. I didn’t get over this fear again until I was in my 40’s.
And here is another sad part about this locl radio station. The guy making the calls usually disguises his voice by talking with a lisp or with an ethnic dialect. If I fell into one of the groups mentioned, I would be highly offended. But the people that listen to this station don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I don’t actually listen to this station very often and don’t listen to the morning show at all. I only know about it because they play the “Best of” sometimes in the afternoon and I catch a few seconds of it before turning it off. In my opinion this is the “Worst of” as far as entertainment.
Now we have DJ’s make a fake phone call to a hospital and get the nurse so upset that she takes her own life. I wonder if they are still laughing. They should be fired in my opinion. I thought that making prank phone calls was against the law? Am I wrong? What is wrong with people?

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Rena and Denny said...

That story is so upsetting. I too, think they both should be fired. I don't find prank calls funny. The same goes for practical jokes. I've always found them to be cruel.

Andy Stevens said...

I was a morning d.j. for many years and I also made prank calls, nothing hurtful, I had two categories, Grump alerts and wakeup calls. both were as a result of a member of a family calling me to alert me that their family member was acting grumpy, or they couldn't get their spouse, son or daughter out of bed. I never disguised my voice. I understand not liking cruel calls, no point in hurting anyone like that.