Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Laughing and Crying

They are both emotional releases and sometimes I have trouble deciding which one to do.

Yesterday at work, I got into a heated discussion with one of our electricians. Let me give you the background first. There is this pump/motor combination that isn't working and needs to be removed so that I can send it in for repairs. Picture a pool pump that is bolted to a frame with 4 tiny bolts. It really is as simple as that. So the question is who should remove it? An electrician because they do have to remove the wires and they have the technology to remove the tiny bolts and hoses. Or have a mechanic do it but they wouldn't be able to remove the wires legally so they would have to call that electrician to the scene anyway.

Case one would take two electricians, one to do the work and the other one to complain about having to work. Case two would take one mechanic to do the work and two electricians to watch the mechanic and then one of them would have to remove the wires. Pretty simple in either case but we went with case one but that was two weeks ago. That's right, two weeks to get a 20 minute job done.

So  yesterday this electrician comes up to me and says; What's the deal with this motor. Playing dumb I said what motor. He then got all uppity about it and started.  going off about it not being their job to remove bolts. That;s when we got into the heated discussion but the final icing on the cake was when he said;

"A motor aint nothing but a mechanical device that just happens to have wires going to it" "Everything here is mostly mechanical"

Hmmmm that's when I wanted to say "then why do we need you?" But I just shook my head and walked away. Smiling.

Yesterday I also found out about the passing of a friend of mine.  She actually died early Saturday morning and it came as a huge shock since I just spoke with her last week and she was doing great. It saddened me to hear of this and I gave it a lot of thought overnight. I tried to think of just one thing positive about her leaving and then it hit me. Myrna loved children. She used to be a school teacher and spent most of her free time with her grandkids and the neighborhood kids. I got to thinking that maybe Myrna was so distraught by Friday's event that she went to be with those children. She was that type of person. She would give her life to help out a child.

She died of natural causes but I wonder if when God comes for us if he asks if we want to go or not. Maybe He gives us a choice at that last moment. Just food for thought.

Have a great day,

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