Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why Why Why?

I am saddened by the recent events in Connecticut. The fact that a man could kill another person let alone a child just baffles me. And now it seems that everyone is looking for answers. Why would a man do this? We may never know the answer to that question but the alarming fact is that these kinds of things are becoming more and more common. They used to happen about once every 10 years, then about once a year and now it seems like about once a week. Is this really the end? Is it going to turn into a big free for all gun battle in our streets? I surely hope not.

In the wake of this disaster, many people are calling for gun control. There may be a little truth to that reasoning in that if you were able to take away every gun from every American, there would be no more gun killings. However there would still be sick people and I am sure they would use other forms of weapons. We could take away every knife too and stop knife killings. Of course we would have to take away all forms of explosives, poison, drugs, electricity, even rocks just to make it totally safe. But now that I think of it that wouldn't alleviate the possibility of someone killing you with their bare hands. So maybe gun control isn't the answer.

In almost all of these cases, there were some signs that something was wrong with these people. A friend, co-worker or family member knew that this person wasn't right. But in most of these cases no one reported their odd actions. No one wanted to get involved. Where I work, we have a hotline to report such things but if you call the hotline, you are the one put on trial. They will say that they can take an anonymous report but that it would be better to give your name, dates and times of events. Basically anonymous reports will be filed in a remote location where they will never be looked at or they will simply be tossed out. And if you are foolish enough to give your name you are put on the watch list for not being a team player.

I believe the only answer is to make the punishment so bad that it isn't worth doing the crime. When someone does something like this the first thing they should do is NOT release the person's name. Take away their fame. Call them a slug, or whatever bad name you want but never say their name. In this case the person was killed so that would be the end of his story and we could concentrate on the victims. As it stands right now many of the news reports are on this tick on the butt of society, making him and his family famous. And there are other crazies like him thinking "wow, no one will take me seriously now but if I were to do something like this look how famous I would be"

The next thing that I think should happen in a case like this where the slug is obviously guilty is that there should be no trial. I think there needs to be an immediate death penalty and I prefer something like hanging. I think the public needs to know that this type of thing will not be tolerated and that it will be dealt with immediately. No judge, jury, no crazy defense and no lingering fame for the shooter. Just a quick hanging with a bag over his head so no one knows his name. Does it really matter why at this point? We have been asking why for for all these years and it isn't getting us anywhere. We need to ask how we can prevent things like this from happening in the first place.

I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but have you noticed that they have made punishing our kids wrong? It is wrong to teach about God in the classroom. It is wrong to teach leadership and values, we must now teach equality and freedom of expression. Maybe, just maybe if this guy had been punished when he did something wrong instead of making excuses for his actions, he would have known that there was a consequence for doing something like this. And maybe just maybe if he had been a little closer to God he wouldn't have been so close to Satin. Is it too late to change America? I don't think so but WE must make a stand and quit making excuses. That's just my opinion.

Have a great day and pray for someone you know,

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Sonya Lee Thompson said...

You've nailed it, Greg. I agree no amount of new rules will stop future sicko's and I hadn't considered what the media is doing to make him famous - wow.

In Israel, when terrorists started targeting schools, they armed teaches, which worked for a while, but now they've resorted to suicide bombing. Where evil resides, they will find a way. I'm glad God is stronger.

It's really a heart issue, and the fact that we asked God to stay out of our schools isn't helping either.

Focusing on praying for the families of the victims now. May God heal their broken hearts quickly.