Monday, June 11, 2007

Where do you stand on the issues?

The other night my sister and I were bored so we were watching Presidential debate reruns. (As if it isn’t bad enough the first time.) It was actually highlights showing the differences between Republicans and Democrats. On most issues there were majorities on the right and left with a few mixed in the middle but on one issue it was unanimous and opposite on each side. “Gays and Lesbians in the military”

I am sure everyone knows that the policy is “don’t ask don’t tell” Or in other words “it’s ok as long as no one finds out”. But what is the big problem here? Do we not want gays and lesbians to fight for their country? Heck I know some people that just want to beat up gays just because they are different. No I don’t think that is it. I think it has to do with Homophobia. And Lesbiaphobia. (I made that last one up. Sounds kind of presidential doesn’t it)

For those that don’t know what those terms mean, let me explain. Homophobia is the fear of homos (as the people that have it call them, not me) and Lesbiaphobia is the fear of lesbians and only exists for women. For the information of you women, it doesn’t exist for men. In all my years, I have never seen a man look at a lesbian pictorial in a magazine and say Ewwww. Wow maybe but never Ewwwww. Also for your information, I know that Lesbians are from the island of Lesbos and Gays are from the island of Alcatraz. (Ok I made that up too)

Let me let you women on a little secret and I may be banished from the men’s club for telling you this but here goes. Men look at those pictorials and think; Wow those women are hot. They must not have a man around and have gotten so hot they are going after another woman. They know as soon as they show up with their totally studly body, these beautiful women are going to ask them to join in. Wake up guys. It’s not going to happen.

So what determines that a person is gay? I guess what I am asking is at what point is a person classified as being gay? Is there a black and white line that once you are over it, you are gay, never to return? If you never crossed it then you are straight? Is that how it goes?

I don’t think so. I think there are levels of gay and you lay somewhere on that line. Based on that, we are all gay to some extent. I guess there are some people that are so grossed out that even the word “gay” frightens and sickens them but guess what? You are still reading so you are at least a 1. Let’s see where you fit into the gay scale.

0 Means you are in that group that is totally homophobic but since you are still reading you are now at least a 2.

10 Means you have committed a certain act or acts and don’t care who knows. You would openly attend a gay function with a “friend” So where do I fit on the gay scale? I guess I am probably a 3. I have gay friends but everyone knows I am straight.

Back to this military policy. The Republicans said leave well enough alone and Democrats said throw the policy out. One candidate who will remain nameless (since I really don’t want to start a war here) said “it was my husband’s policy and it seemed like a good idea at first but now I don’t think it is good”. Funny, he said the same thing about an incident when he was in the Whitehouse. Lol Anyway, being ex-military, I am proposing the following policy that the Democrats can adopt if they like. It’s called the “Don’t look don’t touch” policy. Under this policy, Gays and Lesbians can enter the military but they are prohibited from looking at or touching someone else below the belt. Notice I left out lesbian touching in my policy. :)

So where are you on my gay scale and where do you stand on the issue?

If any of you ladies would like to tell me about a particular incident that happened to you and ask my opinion on weather it was gay or not, feel free to email me. Oh pictures would be nice too. I promise not to say Ewwwwww, lol.

The proceeding was intended to be funny. No gays or lesbians were harmed in the production of this post.

Have a great day,

Oh I have to tell you all this, This is my jobless brother talking who hasn't had a steady job in over 5 years and lives with our mother, As he sat on the porch smoking a cigarette that was bought with my mother's social security. "Greg this neighborhood has gone straight to hell. Too many lazy Mexicans are moving in" OH brother.


Annie said...

Greg, you're a progressive man and I appreciate all your comments today. Well, except maybe for the request for photos from women.

Queenie said...

Oh Greg you do make me laugh, the photos are in the post by the way.
Very suprised you haven't given your brother a kick up the bottom!!

Gardener Greg said...

Sorry anne. That part was intended to be a joke too. Now I must hot on over to see whte photo's of queenie. Kicking him in the butt would not do any good. He can't see that the problem is himself.

Jenny! said...

Hi! Thanks for you comment on my blog!

So is it gay to touch yourself???

Gardener Greg said...

Jenny I better not comment on that one, lol but it it is, there is no such thing as straight.

Sarah said...

I have no idea where I fit on the scale????? I may ned to start exploring options to find out. I want to say I am a 5 but I dont know what that means...

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

LOL...I have no clue where I lay on the "Gay Scale". If people are gay, I'm ok with that. I'm not gay though, and never experience any "gayness". I like my man. And if gays want to defend my country's freedoms, why should what they do behind closed doors stop them from doing that? To me that policy makes no sense. It's just stupid.

Oh, and you totally cracked me up with your brother's comment.

dawn said...

I have no idea what number I would be. I am straight have had many gay friends in my life. I think the whole military thing is stupid. If your brave enough to fight for this company than who's to say you shouldn't. My husband has the same views as you on the lesbophobia. It's such a double standard isn't it. HeeHee.

dawn said...

I have no idea what number I would be. I am straight have had many gay friends in my life. I think the whole military thing is stupid. If your brave enough to fight for this company than who's to say you shouldn't. My husband has the same views as you on the lesbophobia. It's such a double standard isn't it. HeeHee.

just me said...

Let's see, I dated a bisexual man for awhile...and I knew he was bisexual, he was also Hindu. Personally, I think we are all a little too uptight when it comes to anything sexual. I think it is insane for men and women to hide their sexual preference in the military. Men and women serve together on ships now, and so far, no problem, or any we've heard about.

I loved the line, Men are from the island of Alcratraz. God, you are funny!

Queenie said...

You've not popped bY resently, everything OK?. Miss seeing your comments sweetie!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

I don't know many gay men, but the implication of "Don't ask, don't tell" is that a gay man only thinks about sex- and what better place to "hook-up" with another man than a place that's full of men...

Full of red-blooded-women-loving men?

The idea that gay men only think about sex can not be correct. Gay men must also think about clothes, and shopping, and cooking, and hairstyles too- I know this is true, I've seen the TV shows! (I was being silly here. Gay men are not dumb- nor was I implying that they are)

Anyway- how many of "those" men can you imagine actually WANTING to be in the military? The Gay (general) population is close to 10%...and for the life of me, I just can't imagine that many of them want to be in the service.

I am a Republican, and I think the law is silly- there is no need for it. On the other hand, I'm not in the military...I wonder what my friends in the service think.

I have a few close girl-friends that I could easily live with (more easily than living with my husband- truthfully!), but I don't "feel" anything for them sexually.
I don't think Lesbian relationships are mostly about sex as much as they are about a committed relationship. Having a committed relationship with a woman is something I can totally understand and appreciate...having sex with a woman is not.

That lifestyle is not for me, but I don't fret when it works for someone else.
I'm guessing I'm a 3.5 on your list.

Anonymous said...