Monday, February 16, 2009

I have this power.

I’m a little bit spooked this morning. It’s one of those Déjà vu kind of things. My wife just called me and told me that today on the news they are reporting that two submarines collided recently. The fact that there was a submarine collision in itself scares me because I rode them for about 10 years. I was actually on them my entire career but one day I sat down and figured out just how much time I was physically on them and it was almost 10 years.

But here is the part that really scares me. Saturday night, I had a dream about a submarine accident. Sunday morning, I told my wife about it which is why she told me about the accident this morning when she called. So I went on line just now to see if I could get some facts and yes it was true. And the strange thing is that they didn’t break the story until this morning. Does this mean I am psychic? I have always thought that I was a little Psychic. I sometimes have dreams that parallel what happens in real life but I don’t know if maybe I just saw something already and I just didn’t know it. Maybe I should be a psychic.

“Greg Psychic Reader and Advisor”

That does have a nice ring to it. Maybe I will save that as a backup plan.

I have always wanted to visit a Psychic. Just for fun of course. Here is what I would do. I would go in and use a canceled credit card to pay. Then if they take it, I would know they were a fake. However if they handed me the card back and said it was no good, then I would know they were real and pay with cash. I am not sure what I would want to know though. Perhaps something really important like who is going to win on American Idol this year? Or did that Dingo really take that baby? Yes I would waste it on something stupid like that.

So maybe I could start this service right here in Blogland. Now I have to go and see if there are any Psychic readers already on here. Be right back.

Just kidding, I already knew I was on the cutting edge here but I just wanted to make double sure. That’s kind of like when you know you are right but you keep quiet just in case you are wrong. (not that this happens to me) I already knew that no one else was offering this service (because of my psychic powers) but I looked anyway.

So here is how this will work. If you have a question about something that has been bothering you, just ask away and I will give you the answer. Well after you send me 100.00 that is. I don’t know how much this usually costs but since I am doing it on here and you have the option of staying in your jammies, inside your warm house, I figure that's worth something. Now I am not saying I will be accurate but I will give you an answer. And if your question is too personal (for instance; (Does the IRS know you cheat on your taxes) you can email me with your question.
But wait…..The first 25 answers will be free just to show my amazing powers.

Wait, I am getting something here. Someone is reading this and thinking Greg is off his rocker, Greg is a nut, Greg has lost it this time. See how good I am?

Does anyone out there really believe in Psychic’s? Just curious. Wait, I know the answer to that.

Have a great day.
(I knew I was going to write that)
I am good!!!!!!


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I'm the one that thought "you crazy nut!" You got me.


I don't believe in psychics...I think if they have any power at all, it's the same power that the "fortune tellers" of old used...and it's not God's power, and God strictly forbid it.

So there. :-)

Patrice said...

First, yes, you are nuts! But it takes a nut to know if you are a nut, and well, BFF, we are plain nuts!!

Next, I would like to know the six winning numbers to the Tennessee Lottery for Saturday night, Feb 21. If I win, I will send you a $100 bucks for your services!! HA! I never play the lottery, but if you are truly seeing things, just maybe you could focus on these six little numbers!!!!

Last, I do not believe in all the hocus pocus stuff and all the psychics junk. That being said, let me not mess with you thinking of those special six numbers!

Sharon said...

Hmmmmm, lets just say thats strange. I don't like all the hocus pocus stuff, God does forbid that. So we will just say thats strange.

Chatty Kelly said...

I think some people have intuition, but I don't believe in communicating with the dead or anything like that. I think psychics give general answers so they fit every circumstance.

Have you ever seen the show The Mentalist? It's about a former phoney psychic who know uses his real power of intuition to help solve crimes. It is on CBS Tuesday nights at 9. My hubs & I LOVE the show.

Of course you already knew that, didn't you????? :-)

Chatty Kelly said...

p.s. Seriously speaking, Biblically God spoke to many people through dreams (Joseph of the coat, Joseph father of Jesus, Samuel) so I do believe that God does seen us things in dreams sometimes. My friend says if you dream something bad about someone, when you wake up you are supposed to pray for that person.

Maybe God was calling on you to pray for the submarine people. Not that they wouldn't have still crashed, minded you. But give it a try - next time you dream something "bad", pray for that situation. Neat, huh!

Marla said...

I believe that God speaks to people in dreams. I do like to watch shows about psychics. I know your not really crazy, oh, I must be a psychic!

Jamie Dawn said...

You already know the question I have in my mind right now, so please answer it.


I did a psychic post quite awhile ago, and I too have psychic powers. Another blog buddy offered dream analysis services. I think we blog buddies are special people. Our abilities are endless.

Greg's Mind Reading Services
Sounds like a good business to me.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I agree with pretty Chel there, in the first comment. Have you seen the USA network show called PSYCH? We love that. He's not really psychic, just very observant, but he has a storefront up that says "Psych," and he works with the police. It's very funny. But the scriptures say not to mess with a medium. So I do not. I esp. do not mess with large mediums. Ba da bing.

Edie said...

You had me there for a moment. :)

Sadly I could write a whole post on this subject, but since you already know my thoughts, I won't do it in your comment section, but this might be an interesting post, so maybe I'll do it on my blog instead. :)

In the days of my life BC, I visited some psychics and received some very accurate readings that were not general. Not all things that were said came to pass.

What Chel said is quite accurate.
God strictly forbids it.

Jenny said...

I will have to go with my sis-n-law Patrice, but I am in Florida so the winning FL lotto numbers please:) hehehe

I am with everyone else I believe God sends us messages in dreams and some people are just intuitive, but I don't believe in all the psychic stuff.

B His Girl said...

I'll go with Kelly on the dreamy thoughts. You do 'have this power' Greg in the Lord. As MC Hammer said 'can't touch this' psychic stuff. Cheryl and Edie, I'm with you. God said no. May there is deeper meaning in the sub collision. A picture in the natural and something more in the spiritual. It's time to ponder Greg. Is God talking to you in this? B

Debbie said...

Oh boy. I am number 11 so that means I get a freebie! This must be my lucky day - but I am sure you knew that.
Now what should I ask? How about "When will I recoup the money I have lost to the recession and what should I do with it when I do?"

B His Girl said...

Ok...I kid you not Greg. As I am about to leave you site, I see I have mail. I look and it is an ad saying "Get your psycology degree today. Learn the skills to piece together the human mind." It shows a picture of a woman's head in the form of a puzzle with a few pieces missing. I think the Lord is laughing at us. We may understand more about the human mind but HIS is above ours. Thank you Lord. You are the amazing ONE. Greg, I think the Lord wants you to set up an office with Him. B

Carmen Gamble said...

Cute post Greg. My Mom used to dream random things and they'd come true. It was a little freaky. It still happens to her once in a while, but now she prays about the dream.

My ADHD Me said...

We had a fire call last year. it was a "psychic and palm reader" business. the owners lived upstairs. There were no injuries but the place was destroyed. Wonder why they didn't know ahead of time that the floor heater was going to start a fire. OR maybe they DID know and it was an insurance scam.....MAYBE just MAYBE they planned it.
Still, you would think they would have been out instead of in their beds in their pj's when we got there. they are supposed to be psychics you know....

Sandy said...

Well that was fun to read. Actually I have visited a few in my young days who were excellent and then a few more who were fakes...

ChrisJ said...

I think some people may have psychic power, but since God does forbid the practicing of it, I stay away. So I don't think it's wrong to have psychic abilities, I just think we shouldn't meddle with it, or encouraging it.

But Greg, I know you meant this post all in fun and not to be taken too seriously!

Scarlet said...

You ARE good. I'll have to e-mail you my questions...because they're a little personal. :)

I don't believe in psychics. I once went to see one with a friend who was heavily into fashion and had a bunch of shopping bags with her at the time. The psychic said something like, "You enjoy the finer things in life." I remember my friend saying something like, "Wow...she's good!" I was thinking FAKE the whole time! They just use psychology and common sense, and most of the time, they tell you what you want to hear. I hope you're not like that. ;)

Katherine Aucoin said...

How wild. Nuts? Aren't we all? Let me know if you see me winning the lottery! ;-)

God's girl said...

This is quite the post to get people to really think about such things in our world:) You have a gift of bringing out the issues of the world to encourage people to seek out God and the truth for themselves:)

As we know, fortune tellers, psychics, tarot card readers, and other "spirituality" methods flood our towns and cities as a way to entice people into believing in something. The enemy works in crafty ways, and even the "real" psychics are a pawn in Satan's little chess game.

The wolf comes in sheep's clothing, that what makes it look so "good" and so "wonderful", but just because it looks "cute and fluffy" doesn't mean it's good. The people around us, even some Christians, are looking for the "real deal", longing for hope encouragement, and knowing what the "future holds". But God is truly the only one who knows that...

God does give discernment to people, He gives dreams, He gives words of knowledge, He births prophets, and people to speak and warn of future events. God wants to give these gifts to those who seek Him. But not to glorify us or our wallets, but strictly a God-given anointing to glorify God, and God alone.

I encourage you to seek God because He may be birthing a spiritual gift, HIS spiritual gift, in you. Seek out counsel from someone in your church, and get the knowledge and training and discipleship of someone "older" in this gift.

May God give you the wisdom concerning this and point you in the right direction. You're a good guy Greg and God has an awesome plan for your life!!! Keep seeking the truth!

In Christ, Heaven:)

Monogram Queen said...

I had one go-round with a psychic. She was too vague for me!

Um am I ever going to own a beach house on Sullivan's?

Pam Warden Art said...

Hi Greg
I'm here from Linda's 2nd Cup, you made me laugh with the gas in the lawn mower comment...
Just gotta slow you down on the psychic stuff cuz biblically you do remember what they did to them if what they said was not true??? I'd stick to your gardening :-)Much safer.

Anonymous said...