Friday, May 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday/Friday

I know, I'm late but I did want to get in a quick Thankful post.

I am very thankful this week even if I still don't have a computer. But I am adjusting to not having one and realizing that I had become addicted to it. What in the world did we do before computers. I may just try to live without it now forever. The one at the library is free and it is nice and quiet down there. I have a lot going on and a lot to be thankful for so just let me say Thank you God for everything.

Have a great day,

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Wanda said...

Greg ~ there are times I almost wish my computer would go on the blink ~~ but then I remember that through fb I was able to re-connect with a brother that has been estranged from the family for some time because of some stupid money issues at my mom's death.

But, he is letting the past go, and we are having some great times on fb so I guess I'm happy to have my computer.

I am thankful today for everything...God is so good! All the Time! And then some!!!