Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Yes it's my birthday today. I celebrate making it through another year without any major problems. Oh there were lots of hurdles to get over but I made it over them all. Is it my imagination or do the years go by faster and faster?

I have nothing really big planned today. I am expecting a visit from a blogger friend though and that in itself will make my day, Have a great day everyone,


Thursday, July 19, 2007

CAR For Sale.

Why is it that whenever I hear a commercial for an automobile dealership, the hair stands up on the back of my neck and I begin foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog? To say the least they are annoying, aggravating and usually down right insulting.

Some of them try to be funny but usually they fall short of causing me to even think about cracking a smile. Who writes that crap? Definitely not a comedian I can tell you that. Those cute little skits they do make me want to puke. Some of them go on and on like a continuing story and really bore me. Does anyone out there think they are really funny or even go there to buy a car because of the humor?

And why do they feel they need to shout? I absolutely hate those commercials that the announcer shouts in your face. You know the ones that make you turn the volume down on your radio or television. Something like: “FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS ONLY WE WILL SELL ANY CAR AT ANY PRICE, YOU NAME THE PRICE…..DON’T ……PASS ……THIS……….UP.”

And that brings me to the next thing that I hate about them. Have you ever stopped and listened to what they are saying. Here are some examples:

“If you find a car anywhere for less, buy it”……Well duh if I know it is less somewhere else I am not going to buy it here.

“We will stay open until the last customer is served.”……That is good to know because I was afraid you would close up with me still in the shop.

“All credit applications will be accepted.” ….Oh they will accept them all they just won’t approve them all. Do they think we were born last night?

The final thing that really ticks me off is the disclaimer at the end of the commercial. They always complain about having a bad reputation as car salesmen but they always put the really fast talking guy at the end. If you listen closely you will find out that nothing they just said is for real and basically it was all said to get you into the dealership and you are on your own when you get there. So be ready.

Here are some tips to help you out and I guarantee will get you the best deal possible. . When you first get there let them know up front that you don’t go for that little “good guy/bad guy” routine between sales man and floor manager. Right up front, let them know that he needs to make all deals with you there with him. Of course he will refuse and then you need to cause a scene right there in the showroom. This works best with lots of people around. If they try to quiet you, get louder and start accusing them of trickery. Try to get others involved. If they get mad and refuse to deal with you, ask for a comment card and also the address of their corporate office. Usually they will give in around this time and you should ask for a really good deal on a car. If all goes well, they will give you a great deal just to shut you up and get you out of the office.

Good luck,

Monday, July 16, 2007

The truth about men

I hear a lot of women complaining about men these days. It seems that you are never satisfied with us and can always find some flaw in our character. I have some bad news for you though. We are what we are because of you. Anything you can find wrong with us can be traced back to you. You are the reason for our imperfections.

One big complaint that I hear is that men can’t distinguish between love and sex. That may be true but let’s look at the reason why. I can still remember my first time and remember it well. She was my girlfriend and I would buy her all kinds of things. Jewelry, clothes, give her money, whatever she wanted but the only way to get what I wanted (sex) was to say I Love you. See she made me associate love with sex so it is totally her fault. I know I am not alone in this thinking either.

I also hear women say that we (men) change over the course of a relationship. Well that is as untrue as it gets. The other day, I read an article that said the women look at a man for the first time and think “I can change him into what I want”. On the other hand a man looks at a woman for the first time and thinks “She is just what I am looking for” Men expect a woman not to change and she does and women expect for men to change and they don’t. In other words when women say that men change it means that they didn’t go thorough the metamorphosis that they planned and so they are different than they expected. It is all very complicated but I understand it fully.

Women are always accusing men of lying. This is true but women lie too and you all started it. Also you make us lye. Do you remember hearing that “not saying the truth is just as bad as lying”? In fact it is a form of lying. That is what you all did. Back when we first met, you knew what we wanted. You knew we would do anything to get it. You also knew we were perverted and kinky but again you thought you could change all that. You on the other hand never told us you didn’t like blindfolds, lotions, lingerie handcuffs, getting smacked on the butt. I bet you never brought it up. We just assumed that since you didn’t bring it up, you were ok with it. So you lied first.

Now you make us lie all the time. You know when. You are walking down the street and you pick out the best looking woman for miles around and then ask us if you look that bad. What are we supposed to say? “Well honey, you are a few pounds heavier. That thong sticking out of her skin tight jeans really turns me off and her breasts are way too big and perky” Are you crazy???? We want to live so we lie.

See what you do to us? So blame yourselves ladies.

What is that???? Yes dear I am getting off the computer now…No I wasn’t talking about you….Be right there honey. I love women,


Friday, July 13, 2007

Tagged again

I have been tagged by Snow White ( to tell about the day I was born. She is so sweet an innocent, who knew she would tag me. I was too young to remember being born but I hear it went something like this:

On the day I was born.
The nurses all gathered around.
They gazed through the wide window,
At the new joy they had found.
The head nurse spoke up.
Said leave this one alone.
She could tell right away,
That I was bad to the bone.

Well it sounded familiar anyway (Thanks George T)

Actually here are some things in history that happened on my birthday which is July 27. (I forget the year) I won’t tag anyone else but would love to hear from anyone else who would like to follow suit.

1214 - Battle of Bouvines: In France, Philip II of France defeats John of England.
I don't know how to pronounce that name so I will call it the battle of cows.

1689 - Glorious Revolution: Battle of Killiecrankie ends. Just who was crankie and why did someone want to kill him?

1866 - The Atlantic Cable is successfully completed, allowing transatlantic telegraph communication for the first time. Wow have things changed.

1940 - A Wild Hare is released, introducing Bugs Bunny. I still love BB.

1974 - Watergate Scandal: The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee votes 27 to 11 to recommend the first article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon: obstruction of justice.So let me get this straight, you can get a BJ in the whitehouse but not wire tap? Man I love America.

1996 - In Atlanta, Georgia, Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey set the 100m world record of 9.84s +0.7 m/s wind during the 1996 Summer Olympics. I could do that....if I could run fast. :)

These are the only famous people I could find that were born on my birthday.

• 1913 - George L. Street III American Navy Submariner (d. 2000)Me too.
• 1922 - Norman Lear, American television writer and producer. Another Great Leo
• 1931 - Jerry Van Dyke, American actor. I am funny too.
• 1948 - Peggy Fleming, American figure skater. We both have nice legs.
• 1949 - Maureen McGovern, American singer. I forget what she sang.
• 1953 - Yahoo Serious, Australian comedian. I think he was funny.

Have a great day, only 14 more shopping days left. Shop early spend lots.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bumper stickers

I don’t know why people feel compelled to paste stickers all over their car. They used to be called bumper stickers but some people put them all over their cars so that phrase is out the window. I guess people just like to make a statement. Well I would like to make comments when I see some of them. Unfortunately most of these people are in a hurry and won’t roll their windows down to hear me, so I will post them here. These are some of my least favorite stickers with the comments for the people that have them:

The fish sign

I am not sure what this means. I am guessing it means that they belong to some secret fish society or something like that. When I see that one, I want to put a Nemo sticker on my car.

“My daughter is an honor roll student”

When I was in high school there was a girl that was always on the honor roll. She was very friendly with several of her male teachers. But then I am sure your daughter is just smart.

“Baby On Board”

This one always makes me drive safely. When I don’t see it, I drive like a maniac and see how dangerous I can be. This sign makes me take notice, especially when I don’t see the baby in the front or back seat. So where is the baby? In the trunk perhaps?

“Jesus is my copilot”

I have some bad news for you buddy. The copilot is supposed to be able to take over if something happens to the pilot. As far as I remember. There were no cars around in Jesus’ time. Perhaps this sticker would be better posted on your donkey.

“My other car is a BMW”

When I see this I have to wonder if the BMW has a sticker on it that says “My other car is a POS” That is usually where you find such a sticker…On a POS car.

“I (heart) Cats”

This makes me want to scream out “So do a billion Chinese but they aren’t advertising”

“No Fear”

I hate to tell these people that a little fear is a good thing. It should say “No Brains”

Well that's it for now. My pictures should be back soon. Have a wonderful day,


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday update

I think I will make this a part of my weekly routine.

It has been almost two months without a drop of booze. Physically, I am feeling about the same but I feel stronger mentally. My mind is clearer and I am also a little but calmer. I hopefully will continue to improve as time goes by. I know when I quit smoking it was a long time before I felt the full effects. That has been almost 15 years now.

My diet is going well too. I am only into week three and have lost 12 lbs. I am starting to get compliments too as people are noticing the thinner me. I have gained some energy which is giving me some more drive to stay with it. I will keep you all posted on my progress.

I took some new photo’s the other day but they place where I took them is having trouble with the machine that converts them to digital. It was nice of them to let me know AFTER I left the film with them. Now all I can do is wait. I did get to see the actual photo’s and they came out great.

Have a great day,

Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's that time of year again.

It's time again for the annual Camp Happy Days. For those that don't know what it is about, it is a week long camp where kids with Cancer go to have fun. There are only two rules. First off, no parents. That means the kids don't have to hear, "Susan be careful" "John don't do that. " " Mary you are going to fall and hurt yourself". Kids just get to be kids and try to enjoy themselves and forget about their cancer. The second rule is that everyone must have fun. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. It will make you see life in a whole different light. These are pictures from two years ago. I will be taking some new ones tomorrow when I attend. Our plant raises money for this cause and also we set up a tent and hand out boiled peanuts and sodas. The kids look forward to us being there. Have a great day and be thankful for your little blessings,


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy 4th of July

To all my American readers please have a safe 4th of July. Please don't drink and drive. And be careful with those fireworks. I have mine already to go. I hope everyone gets the rest they need.


Monday, July 2, 2007

M is for Monday???

Why is it we always dread Mondays? I know I do. I guess it is the whole work week thing and I also never know if I will have the weekend off. For me it is no different than Friday except that on Friday there is the "possibility" that I will have the next two days off. Nothing is ever written in stone around here. So to lighten up my Monday, I am going to come up with an acronym for M O N D A Y. Please sing along with me.

M is for the tons of Money I am making.

O is for the Others I love around here.

N is for the nice people I work with.

D is for the dedication my fellow workers have.

A is for the ample smiles on their faces.

Y is for the yearning they have to help me with my job.

Put them all together they spell Monday. Now don’t you feel better too?

What does your “M” stand for? Should I shut my door when I read this?