Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday, I don't believe

There are so many things in this world that are fake these days. Someone said that you can't put anything on the internet if it isn't true. That in itself is so untrue. I think that 90% of the information on line is fake and the rest is blown out of proportion by the media. I never thought that a day would that you couldn't believe what you read in a news paper but that day has arrived and it came with a bang.

So I don't believe anything I read in the paper, on line or anything I see on TV. Especially those "reality" shows. If you didn't already know it, those shows are fake. Yes the people are real and the shows somewhat revolve around their normal lives but they are scripted and those people are doing crazy things just to boost ratings.

I also don't believe in UFO's, free things, that Honey Boo Boo will ever amount to anything normal, and I don't believe that the path to Heaven goes through the front door of a church. It can but that comes with conditions.

I have a problem with some churches these days. When I go to church, I look around when we are singing songs. Most of the time what I see are expressionless or sad faces staring into the hymnal, singing words with little or no feeling. If I see that in a church, I have to wonder if these people left their hearts at the door. When I go to church I want to rejoice and praise God when I sing. I think we should all be happy and feel glorious that we can be there and praise God and we should rejoice in doing so. I may be the only one that feels this way but I think you should leave church feeling uplifted and renewed. I mean we just spent time with God.

So the front door to a church can be a path to Heaven but you have to come out arm and arm with Jesus. And I think that you should feel good about it so that is why I am happy in church.

So today I am thankful that I can worship God in the manner of my choosing. And yes I like the more modern church where people greet one another, they smile and make you feel welcome and you leave feeling good about yourself and life in general.

Don Williams said it best in a song;

I don't believe that Heaven waits
For only those that congregate,
I like to think that God is love
He's down below
He's up above,
He's watching people
He knows who does
and doesn't care

Have a great day,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Laughing and Crying

They are both emotional releases and sometimes I have trouble deciding which one to do.

Yesterday at work, I got into a heated discussion with one of our electricians. Let me give you the background first. There is this pump/motor combination that isn't working and needs to be removed so that I can send it in for repairs. Picture a pool pump that is bolted to a frame with 4 tiny bolts. It really is as simple as that. So the question is who should remove it? An electrician because they do have to remove the wires and they have the technology to remove the tiny bolts and hoses. Or have a mechanic do it but they wouldn't be able to remove the wires legally so they would have to call that electrician to the scene anyway.

Case one would take two electricians, one to do the work and the other one to complain about having to work. Case two would take one mechanic to do the work and two electricians to watch the mechanic and then one of them would have to remove the wires. Pretty simple in either case but we went with case one but that was two weeks ago. That's right, two weeks to get a 20 minute job done.

So  yesterday this electrician comes up to me and says; What's the deal with this motor. Playing dumb I said what motor. He then got all uppity about it and started.  going off about it not being their job to remove bolts. That;s when we got into the heated discussion but the final icing on the cake was when he said;

"A motor aint nothing but a mechanical device that just happens to have wires going to it" "Everything here is mostly mechanical"

Hmmmm that's when I wanted to say "then why do we need you?" But I just shook my head and walked away. Smiling.

Yesterday I also found out about the passing of a friend of mine.  She actually died early Saturday morning and it came as a huge shock since I just spoke with her last week and she was doing great. It saddened me to hear of this and I gave it a lot of thought overnight. I tried to think of just one thing positive about her leaving and then it hit me. Myrna loved children. She used to be a school teacher and spent most of her free time with her grandkids and the neighborhood kids. I got to thinking that maybe Myrna was so distraught by Friday's event that she went to be with those children. She was that type of person. She would give her life to help out a child.

She died of natural causes but I wonder if when God comes for us if he asks if we want to go or not. Maybe He gives us a choice at that last moment. Just food for thought.

Have a great day,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why Why Why?

I am saddened by the recent events in Connecticut. The fact that a man could kill another person let alone a child just baffles me. And now it seems that everyone is looking for answers. Why would a man do this? We may never know the answer to that question but the alarming fact is that these kinds of things are becoming more and more common. They used to happen about once every 10 years, then about once a year and now it seems like about once a week. Is this really the end? Is it going to turn into a big free for all gun battle in our streets? I surely hope not.

In the wake of this disaster, many people are calling for gun control. There may be a little truth to that reasoning in that if you were able to take away every gun from every American, there would be no more gun killings. However there would still be sick people and I am sure they would use other forms of weapons. We could take away every knife too and stop knife killings. Of course we would have to take away all forms of explosives, poison, drugs, electricity, even rocks just to make it totally safe. But now that I think of it that wouldn't alleviate the possibility of someone killing you with their bare hands. So maybe gun control isn't the answer.

In almost all of these cases, there were some signs that something was wrong with these people. A friend, co-worker or family member knew that this person wasn't right. But in most of these cases no one reported their odd actions. No one wanted to get involved. Where I work, we have a hotline to report such things but if you call the hotline, you are the one put on trial. They will say that they can take an anonymous report but that it would be better to give your name, dates and times of events. Basically anonymous reports will be filed in a remote location where they will never be looked at or they will simply be tossed out. And if you are foolish enough to give your name you are put on the watch list for not being a team player.

I believe the only answer is to make the punishment so bad that it isn't worth doing the crime. When someone does something like this the first thing they should do is NOT release the person's name. Take away their fame. Call them a slug, or whatever bad name you want but never say their name. In this case the person was killed so that would be the end of his story and we could concentrate on the victims. As it stands right now many of the news reports are on this tick on the butt of society, making him and his family famous. And there are other crazies like him thinking "wow, no one will take me seriously now but if I were to do something like this look how famous I would be"

The next thing that I think should happen in a case like this where the slug is obviously guilty is that there should be no trial. I think there needs to be an immediate death penalty and I prefer something like hanging. I think the public needs to know that this type of thing will not be tolerated and that it will be dealt with immediately. No judge, jury, no crazy defense and no lingering fame for the shooter. Just a quick hanging with a bag over his head so no one knows his name. Does it really matter why at this point? We have been asking why for for all these years and it isn't getting us anywhere. We need to ask how we can prevent things like this from happening in the first place.

I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but have you noticed that they have made punishing our kids wrong? It is wrong to teach about God in the classroom. It is wrong to teach leadership and values, we must now teach equality and freedom of expression. Maybe, just maybe if this guy had been punished when he did something wrong instead of making excuses for his actions, he would have known that there was a consequence for doing something like this. And maybe just maybe if he had been a little closer to God he wouldn't have been so close to Satin. Is it too late to change America? I don't think so but WE must make a stand and quit making excuses. That's just my opinion.

Have a great day and pray for someone you know,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

As always I am thankful for so many things and not just on Thursdays. Today I am thankful that my wife is recovering quickly from her hand surgery. It isn't easy working all day and then coming home and being Mr. Mom. They will be taking the bandages off next Wednesday but she is already able to do a few things to help out. Thanks for all your prayers.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm not surprised.

I read an article yesterday that said a large percentage of the fish sold in NY is misidentified. In other words people are buying what they think is one kind of fish and in fact getting another kind. And I am not surprised. This reminds me of something that happened a very long time ago.

My father used to do fish fry’s in Daytona back in the 60’s and early 70’s. It started as a lifeguard thing and was usually at the Daytona lifeguard station in Eleanor Village but he sometimes went to other locations. I enjoyed working with him so I was often his helper. Not only did I make a little money doing it (usually paid in sodas and candy) I also enjoyed the scenery if you know what I mean.

The menu was usually the same: Fried Mullet, Hushpuppies, Coleslaw, Baked beans and Iced Tea. Dad’s fish fry’s were famous and there were even articles written about them in the local paper. If you never had fresh fried mullet, you are really missing something. When cooked fresh and cooked right it is awesome.

One summer, dad was asked to put on a fish fry for some businessmen from NY. It was for the ground breaking ceremony for a place called Palm Coast which is just north of Daytona. At the time it was nothing but a small building in the midst of sand dunes covered with palmettos. Dad told me that he once had a chance to buy some of that property for 25 dollars an acre when he was younger but he figured that it would never be worth anything so he passed on that opportunity. He even laughed about this venture as these men planned to develop this property. Boy was he wrong. These ¼ acre lots ended up selling for around 100 thousand once the development took off.

Anywhoo, the NY businessmen wanted a fish fry but they didn’t’ want mullet. They wanted Grouper because everyone in NY “knows” that’s the best fish around. The problem was that grouper was several dollars a pound and Dad wouldn’t make much money if he served that. So Dad called a friend of his down at the inlet and found out that he could get Amberjack for less than a dollar a pound. Amberjack is a large fish that was very abundant at that time. The tourists would go deep sea fishing and catch literally tons of them and then give them to the boat crew since they had no way of keeping them while on vacation.

So we got a bunch of Amberjack and cleaned and fillet them. Once they were fillet and skinned, you couldn’t tell the difference between them and grouper fillets. The fish fry went well and everyone there loved and raved about the “grouper”. Only my Father and I knew the truth. Disclaimer: I was a minor and the time and Dad has passed so I figured it was safe to tell this story. And that is why I am not surprised that so many people in NY aren’t getting the fish they think they are. I guess we started it way back then.

Have a great day,


Saturday, December 8, 2012

It just isn't funny.

I started to write about this a short while ago but I never finished it. However now seems like a good time to make this post. There is a local radio station here in Charleston that regularly makes prank phone calls. It is intended for entertainment purposes but to me, it just isn’t funny.
This is setting a bad example for our children, telling them not only is it ok to make prank phone calls but that it is ok to pick on someone as long as it’s in the name of entertainment. It really reminds me of all the times that I was picked on as a child and others would stand by laughing at my humiliation.   I was a bit chubby as a child and quite naive. I would do anything if asked and I trusted everyone.
As I became a teenager I began not trusting people and even grew to hate some mean people. I carried that hatred and non-trusting into my adulthood and it really changed my life. I was afraid to talk or perform in front of others so I shied away from singing, acting and even public speaking. Whenever I was asked to talk to a group of people, my mouth would get dry, my face would turn red and I would have an upset stomach thinking that someone in the audience might laugh at me. It’s a shame too because at one time I enjoyed acting, singing and public speaking. I didn’t get over this fear again until I was in my 40’s.
And here is another sad part about this locl radio station. The guy making the calls usually disguises his voice by talking with a lisp or with an ethnic dialect. If I fell into one of the groups mentioned, I would be highly offended. But the people that listen to this station don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I don’t actually listen to this station very often and don’t listen to the morning show at all. I only know about it because they play the “Best of” sometimes in the afternoon and I catch a few seconds of it before turning it off. In my opinion this is the “Worst of” as far as entertainment.
Now we have DJ’s make a fake phone call to a hospital and get the nurse so upset that she takes her own life. I wonder if they are still laughing. They should be fired in my opinion. I thought that making prank phone calls was against the law? Am I wrong? What is wrong with people?

Try to have a great day,

Friday, December 7, 2012

FYI, I am watching you back.

That's right stalkers, you may be watching me but I am watching you back. I have the ability to see who is visiting or at least where you are from. I can figure out who you are if you are a blog friend just by your location. So why not leave a comment or if you aren't a blogger, send me an email. I love hearing from you, why you visited and what you thought. If you are new to my blog, I took about a year vacation from blogging but I am back now and will try to post at least every couple of days. So please say hi here or at my email. You can reach me at I would love to hear from you. And come back later today, I have an interesting (and funny) story to tell.

Have a great day,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping it simple

I had a story ready to post today but then I realized that it is Thankful Thursday so I will put that one on hold. I am so thankful today for all the little changes in my life. The past 4 years have been a real struggle for us but I have learned one thing; we can survive on less and actually do pretty well. We have downsized a lot and gotten rid of a lot of clutter in our lives and I feel this is a good thing. As we go forward from here I know we can downsize even more and get to a comfortable place. I know a lot of people will be following this lead in the years to come and I pray that you are all successful in this venture even though for some it won't be a choice. Just keep your head up, keep pushing forward and thank God for everything that comes your way.

Have a great day,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stalkers beware

This internet thing is just a fad:

That’s what I thought when it first came out. I figured that it would be around for a short time and then fade away like Beanie Babies or Pop Rocks or The Beatles. I guess I was wrong. I can see a lot of positive things about the internet but there are so many negative things that I wonder if it is all worth it. And I do believe that the government could easily weed out a number of negative aspects if they really wanted to but they don’t.

For instance they could very easily get rid of a lot of the hackers and stalkers. If they did that then the anti hacking and anti stalking departments of our government wouldn’t have jobs. So that isn’t going to happen. I think their goal is to catch enough to make it look like they are doing something so that their jobs look important but not enough to put a dent in the hackers and stalkers. It is sort of like war. We all wish that there were no wars but the government needs a little conflict from time to time otherwise how could we justify the war department.

So about the stalking:

The thing that gripes me the most about the internet are those moving icons. You know the ones. They pop up on your screen and continually move around in an effort to make you accidently click on them. So you are trying to click on the local weather map and that “dating” icon jumps in the way and all of a sudden there is an icon on your weather page that says meet single girls in your area. And don’t even think about clicking on that icon just to see what it does.

 I had one of those pop-ups that came up on the local news site. It said click here for a 50% off coupon for shoes. Well I didn’t need any new shoes and really thought that stiletto heels for the bedroom were kind of impractical (I prefer fuzzy slippers) so I dodged that icon. But it got the best of me and jumped in front me like all those deer jumped in front of my cars. Yes right there in front of the local weather map icon just as I was about to click on it and bam! it took me to a Fredrick’s of Hollywood site that was advertising shoes for the bedroom. Well to make a long story short they didn’t have my style or size (ahem) but now she won’t leave me alone. Yes she is stalking me.

The next day I was shopping for hardware on Home Depot dot com and there in the corner pops up my little stalker from Fredrick’s. I am not sure what she was doing there so she had to be stalking me. Maybe she was just shopping for ropes or hunting boots or something like that. I just don’t know. And I have to say that the outfit that she was wearing wasn’t too practical. There wasn’t enough material to make a hand towel. But I just ignored her, did my shopping and left.

Now it seems that no matter what site I go to, she follows me around. And the scary part is that she knows how to follow me. She knows my office and home computer, all my email accounts and all the sites that I visit. And she isn’t alone. Apparently she has lots of friends and now the girls from Sears, another one from Kmart and one from Walmart are all stalking me.

And if all that isn’t bad enough, now there are single girls in my area that want to date me. And they won’t take no for an answer either. They just keep jumping around my computer screens hoping that I will say yes but so far I have managed to avoid their advances. But when is it all going to stop? I tried deleting my history, passwords, cookies, cakes and pies but to no avail. They keep coming back. Now I know I am considered to be a ladies man and all but come on, No means no. I am really not interested. I mean not only am I married, look at the age difference. She could be my granddaughter daughter. The sad part is I don't even know her name.

Have a nice day but quit stalking me.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday, I won I won

Well I was hoping to continue with "I won the lottery" but that didn't happen. I am still thankful though for so many things and to tell the truth I am not sure I could handle that much money. It just might change me and I am pretty happy with who I am right now. Today I am thankful for my attitude. Over the past few months and every day at work, I see people with bad attitudes. For some reason they feel the need to be negative about everything in their lives. Nothing is ever good enough for them. Most likely these are some of the ones that only play the lottery when it is over 500 million because 20 million just isn't enough for them. And if the truth were known they would most likely not be satisfied with the 500 million if they did win. Hey if I find 20 dollars on the street you will be able to see me smiling from miles away. So why are all these people so down? I really think it all comes down to choice. If I look back at my life's events, I could find a reason to hate or be unhappy about lots of things. I have had some pretty bad things happen to me and I could have easily turned those things into reasons to be unhappy. But I decided instead to look at those events as learning events and instead of pouting about them I analyzed them and found a way to better myself or change to avoid the same situation. Life is all about choices and we can't blame them on others. We must take responsibility for our actions and go on with our life. And I chose to go though life happy. Have a great day, Greg

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the road again.

Yes it’s true. I am back and as they say badder than ever. Or should that be gooder than ever? I am not sure which one is more correct. I never was one that cared for English. It was too gray for me. I preferred math and science because those subjects were black and white. English has degrees of correctness and is subject to interpretation. For instance on those college exams where they said; Which sentence is more correct? “More correct?” Excuse me….they should either be right or wrong. Or is that write or wrong? Whatever. Anywhoo, after a long time away I am back to blogging again. According to the Mayans, the word will run out of time on 12/12/12. So instead of 27 shopping days until Christmas, shouldn’t it be 15? I doubt if there will be stores in heaven so those of you who are waiting may want to get on the ball and literally shop till you drop or should I say all drop. But seriously, here is my take on this whole Mayan end of the world theory. If they were so smart why aren’t they still here? I think they just ran out of 1’s and 2’s like the gas stations did when the prices went over 1 dollar and 2 dollars. Apparently we are on our way towards somewhere called the fiscal cliffs. As I stated before, I really don’t know where they are and going to Google maps was no help at all. Judging from what I have heard, if we fall off these cliffs it will be devastating so I am guessing that they must be in the Rockies somewhere. The eastern mountains are much more gradually sloped. Apparently we are all heading toward these cliffs and we are all going to fall off like a bunch of lemmings if we continue on this path. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am going to make sure and buckle up just in case. The president says that we need to tell our senators and congressmen to steer clear of these cliffs. I have a better idea. What say we have all politicians jump first to make sure it is safe and then the rest of us can follow if we feel like it. Have a great day, Greg

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday, In the beginning

Wow, that week went by fast. It has been a great week and I have a lot to be thankful for. Lots of things are going well for me. I labeled this post as In the beginning because I have started reading the Bible again from cover to cover. As you recall, the last time I did this was about three years ago. That was the first time that I read the entire Bible from cover to cover. This time I am reading it slower and trying to understand more. So far, I have more questions than answers. And for that I am thankful. Have a great day, Greg

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Still Green

Well it’s been a good month for me to say the least. Things finally seem to be going well. I got the car fixed and painted. I got the truck painted and got a new bedliner for it. I got the pool set up and the pool filter working. (I had trouble because someone switched the hoses when they set up the filter…someone like me) My plants are all looking great and I have veggies growing in the garden. Right now I have lettuce that is ready and some tomatoes that are almost ready. I have little tiny peppers on the plants but it will be a while before they are ready. All is well in my little world and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I finished two books this week; “The yoga Sutras of Patanjali”, and “Green Like God”. Both were good books but the first required more thought and will require further study. The Yoga Sutras, not to be confused with the coma sutra’s is basically a guide book for Yogi’s and it outlines how you should live your life if you truly want to be happy. In a nutshell, it says to do everything for the good of others and to live for the moment and be content with what you have. You could paraphrase it as do unto others and Don’t covet what your neighbor has. I believe I read that somewhere else. (The Bible)

The second book was more basic and it was about taking care of our planet because it is a gift from God. I actually started reading it once before but I didn’t finish it. I was already on board with this idea so it came as no big surprise to me. It outlined various passages where God told us to take care of the planet like in Genesis 2:15. It amazes me that there are some “religious” people out there that say that we should just use up the resources that we have and let the planet go to waste because there is no saving it. To these people I say, hey you can’t take your money with you so why not give it all to me since there is no saving it. J

So this week, I am thankful for a lot of little things like projects that are out of the way, my Green thumb and the fact that my youngest has a 98 in Spanish class. 98? That is big. When I was his age, my biggest fear was that I would get picked last when we chose teams for sports. Most kids wanted to be on a certain team or to be picked first but I just didn’t want to be picked last. Usually I didn’t get my wish though and when all other choices were gone, the remaining captain would finally say; come on Greg, you are on our team. Oh well I guess I still have a lot of scars but they are slowing fading. And I did learn to survive alone so I can fix or do just about anything I put my mind to.

Have a great day,


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday, Just what the "Doctor" ordered.

I have been complaining a lot lately about my allergies. They flair up every year at this time and to tell the truth mine are worse than anyone I know. So that makes me complain even though I am normally not a complainer. And since complaining is against my nature, the fact that I am complaining puts me on edge and I tend to be a bit snappy with people. And since I am normally not snappy with people, that makes me even more upset and the whole thing snowballs out of control.

So I asked God for some relief so that I could quit feeling bad, complaining and being snappy. Yes I pray for relief every year at this time. And He answered my prayers, just not in the manner that I expected. That happens with me a lot. And I think it happens to others as well but some people just don’t see it because they are looking for a specific result. God doesn’t always work that way. In my case, I prayed for some relief from these nagging allergies and that is what I got. No I am not cured. My eyes are still red and itchy and my nose is raw from sneezing and blowing it. My throat is scratchy and I am very tired from taking the allergy medication. So how did God answer my prayers you might ask?


Monday night, even though I wasn’t feeling up to it, I was compelled to go to my yoga class. For some reason I just felt like I should go. Now some people think that Yoga is anti-Christian but I am here to tell you that it is not. In the studio where I go, there are quotes from Buddha, Gandhi, the Dahlia Lama and Jesus. They all speak about peace and love. Last night while I was waiting for my class to start I was reading a wall hanging with a verse from 1 Corinthians about the meaning of love. You know the passage: Love is patient, love is kind…. Anyway,I was one of the first people to arrive, so I had my choice of spots. Naturally I took my regular spot. Habits are hard to break.

People began filing in and soon the room was almost full. A woman that I have never met set up beside me but after we introduced ourselves she decided to move down by her friend. I made the comment: “was it something I said Nancy?” and we both laughed. That left the position beside me open. Just before the class started another woman that I have never met before came in. She was a tall woman, dressed in black and bald. Well she was almost bald and only had little tufts of hair on her head. Our instructor approached her and asked how she was doing and she answered; “as well as can be expected (pause) I guess” I realized that this woman most likely had been going through Chemo which is why her hair was gone. She took the spot right beside me.

As we went through our poses, I was forced to look in the direction of this woman over and over again. I could tell that she was having difficulty holding some of the poses and she had to pause from time to time to catch her breath. But she stuck with it and completed the class without complaining. It made me realize just how lucky I am to only be suffering from allergies (and a few minor aches and pains). I believe that God was sending me a message to stop complaining. I got the message. Thank you God.

So this week, I am Thankful that God is my Doctor and that He keeps "seeing" me even though like my other doctor, I don't always make regular appointments.

God is the Greatest Doctor

Have a great day,


Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying....

These days, like most people I have a lot to complain about. Things haven’t been going well for me in a lot of areas for the past few years. I take the blame for some of the negative things that have happened in my life but many of the events were caused by external sources beyond my control. Still through it all, I have, for the most part been able to keep my head high and keep a smile on my face. Notice I said for the most part. There were a number of times in there where I lost my temper, gotten angry and even in one case shouted obscenities. Yes I totally lost it one time. I also still have a lot to be thankful for so I won’t complain too much. But there are a few things I need to get off my chest:

Is anyone else sick and tired of the media bias? I know I am. They take a story that would be just passing news, put labels on people and then make it out to be good VS evil and get everyone all riled up. Then they come out with; “we were the first one to report this”. The problem is that the media isn’t required to tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. In fact they sometimes publish or report out and out lies with lead-ins like: Could it be that…. Or Some people are saying…. Or follow up their lie with “Fact or fiction?” The media is run by a Middle Eastern Extremist group…, or at least this writer thinks so. Enough about that.

So where have I been? Well I have had a lot to write about but to tell the truth, my computer hasn’t been working very well. In fact it hasn’t worked that great since I got it. So a friend told me that maybe I had a memory problem. I forget his name. Anywhoo, the memory problem was with my computer. So I did a google search to find some new memory. When I typed in the name of my computer and the word Memory a page came up saying that my computer had been recalled for of all things, bad memory cards. Well it would cost me 20 dollars to send my computer in to have it fixed for free or I could just buy some new memory and upgrade it for about 10 dollars more so that is what I did. If you are reading this then It solved the problem.

Health care…I am not for it but if they would just make it equal across the board then I might be persuaded to go for it. I mean if I am in the emergency room trying to get seen and Michelle Obama comes in, she should have to wait her turn just like the rest of us. And everyone should have to take a drug test to get healthcare. If you fail the drug test (for anything that you don’t have a prescription for) then no health care….EVER. And speaking of Michelle, or should I say Mrs. President, did you know that she has more friends on Facebook than the President? What’s up with that?

Wadmalaw Island has become a dumping ground for dead bodies. For some reason this has become trendy to drive into the country and drop off dead bodies. May I make a suggestion? Try Johns Island. I mean it is closer and will save you gas if you stop there. Johns Island should come up with a slogan, something like: no roadside dumping…except bodies. I may put up a sign on the road leading to Wadmalaw Island that says; No body dumping. Anyway stop it people.

The obscenity story: I ordered some parts and they came by German Sheppard Express. (not the real name, I don’t like mentioning names) I called when they were supposed to arrive and asked if they had my package but the man, who was from a country that rhymes with Mindia (again I don’t like mentioning names)said my package wasn’t there. However he kept repeating my name wrong even after I spelled it. He was having a problem with a little thing called English. Anyway this went on for days. I called, dropped in and called again. Finally about a week later, someone else answered the phone when I called and said that my part was there. When I went to pick it up, he said that I had a storage fee because I didn’t pick it up in time. Apparently, the package had gotten there about a week earlier but the man who didn’t speak English very well couldn’t find it since he couldn’t spell. They also had the wrong phone number to call even though I verified it with the company that I ordered the parts from. So now I have to pay the storage fee or not get my package. And If I waited to clear it up, my storage fee would keep growing. Grrr. An argument ensued in which I lost my temper and said some bad things. So here is my gripe; You wouldn’t put an American that couldn’t understand English or couldn’t spell in the customer service department so why is it ok to put a foreigner doing that job? I’m over it now.

Did you know that I have been making bird houses? Yes, it’s true. Not only that, but bat houses and owl houses as well. I make birdhouses because I love birds. Someone asked me to make owl houses and they said they didn’t want them. Same thing with the bat houses. But here is the funny thing about the guy that wanted the bat houses. He asked me to make them and I did and they he started asking questions about them. Like was I sure they were big enough? How do you hang them? What kinds of bats do they attract? Then he came back with; You know you can buy them on ebay for less than what you charge. So I said, sorry, that is what I charge so he said no thanks. Well about three weeks later, I realized that I had bat houses just sitting around so I lowered the price just to get rid of them. So I get a response from the same guy (he didn’t know it was my post) saying that he wanted some. I never responded to him because I had other people who wanted them.

Well that’s about enough for my first post back. I hope someone is reading it.

Wait, wait, I almost forgot....It's Thankful Thursday and I am so Thankful to be back blogging again. More on Thankful Thursday next week.

Have a great day,


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Please stand by......

This blog has been having technical difficulties. Please stand by and I will be with you shortly. The truth is I have been having computer problems for about a year now but I have parts on the way and hopefully everything will be fixed soon. In the mean time, tune into your local radio station and listen to some music.

Have a great day,